As a company with almost 30 years of experience, there is one fact that we know is inevitable. Natural stones such as Marble & Granite are Mother Nature’s form of Art, and so we treat it as such.  DL Marble & Granite provides complete Maintenance and Restoration solutions for all types of Stone Material, Natural and Man-made material alike.

Years of normal wear ruin the finish or polish on your material; this is most common on floors. Scratches and stains are also a common problem as well as minerals and dirt from our shoes that are we bring in from the street, such as street salt. Marbles and Limestone are fragile compared to Granite; however it is very common on any material to eventually need Restoration or Maintenance.

We don’t consider any stone to be old, as stone is many millions of years old, therefore your stone in need of Restoration will be as new as your neighbors brand new installation. Let us find its true beauty. You may be in the market for a Restoration quick-fix, rather than an entirely new remodel. Restorations are generally inexpensive compared to new installations and are less timely as some work can be done in a matter of hours. DL Marble & Granite is available to do night time or weekend Restoration work for high traffic areas requiring Restoration in-between working hours. We are dedicated to bringing the factory shine and finish you and your guests once “Oohed and Ahhed”.

Call For a free Estimate and Consultation Today. Our helpful staff will explain the characteristics of your material and the necessary procedures for Restoring it.

We are Fully Insured, highly experienced and extremely knowledgeable about Stone. Get the quality that High-End developers trust for their Multimillion Dollar Projects in your home or office today. That’s more than any other Restoration Company can say...   

  • Restoration/Maintenance
  • Marble / Stone Restoration
  • Stone Restoration for Floor & Wall
  • Stone Polishing and Refinishing
  • Scratch and Stain Removal
  • Stone Sealing & Re-grouting
  • Scheduled Maintenance
  • Mold & Rust Removal
  • Crack and Damage Repair

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